Working from home during COVID-19 in a tiny one-bedroom apartment.

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It seems like yesterday when all of Washington, DC started receiving texts/emails/calls from their employers telling them that work from home was happening. I was an outsider looking in, my main income at the time was from waiting tables with some freelance WordPress gigs to supplement it. My job consisted of being front-facing to guests, that disappeared when corona hit DC.

How am I supposed to continue making an income when my job is closed due to COVID-19?

A lot of people in DC are able to work from home, many of those jobs are administrative, government contracts, remote-friendly jobs. Many people found themselves out of jobs, myself* included.

I use asterisks because, yes, I was out of my main income, BUT I used this time to really hunker down & find the motivation to really jump start on my freelancing brand. I had planned on switching careers a year earlier. I left a great management position at a great bar in DC. I wanted to work a 9-5, I wanted the option to work from home. So I left that job & pursued an education in web development at GWU.

Flash-forward a year, I started building a website for my brand, designed business cards, found a niche that I wanted to target: I wanted to make websites for smaller businesses & restaurants. I started getting leads on potential clients from networking & knowing people from my old bartending days. Things were looking up, & most importantly, my income was safe.

Now, back to the original point of this post.

What is it like WFH during a pandemic, in a tiny apartment?

Before, I would go to a coffee shop or a bar to knock out some work. I even used the common office areas in my complex to get work done even if the internet was spotty at best. That was the old normal, things are different now. My partner & I never had an office setup. We would use our kitchen island as a desk if we needed to get work done. Now that both of us are working from home we’ve had to get creative with our workflows.


It doesn’t look like much but our desk is a beauty

It took us almost 2 months to get a desk, every place was sold out. Looking back I should’ve bought some stock in some furniture companies. We made a makeshift desk with an old bar stool, we sat on the floor & used our coffee table as a workspace. It was like a gift from above when our back-ordered desk finally came.

Perfecting our workflow took us a while, but we eventually got it. Having a dedicated space to work from is so important for both of us. Quiet space for her to research & take video calls, & for me it was more of being able to be flexible. Swap from our main room to our bedroom to knock out work. Our lease is up in a couple of months & we cannot wait. We cannot wait to work from a home that has more space, more rooms, & outdoor space. 2020 is weird, y’all.

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